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Englische Bücher [Ihr könnt direkt von dieser Page bestellen]

The Complete Sport Parachuting Guide
by Charles Shea-Simonds, Price: $14.95  ...bestellen

Drop Zone
by Michael Salazar, Price: $19.16  ...bestellen

Skydive (1996)
Video, Price: $17.99  ...bestellen

Skydive [Audio CD-Single] [Import]
Freefall Ft. Jan Johnston, Price: $10.99  ...bestellen

by Chris Donaldson, Price: $23.96  ...bestellen

Packing Parachutes - Audio Cassette
by J. Charles Plumb, Price: $9.95  ...bestellen

Parachuting Manual With Log for Accelerated Free Fall:
With a Summary of the First Jump Course

by Jan Meyer, $3.95 + $2.67 special surcharge
Hardcover (March 1991), Para Publishing

Parachute Recovery Systems Design Manual
by T. W. Knacke, Price: $39.96
aperback 1st Ed. edition (January 1992), Para Publishing

Parachuting - The Skydiver's Handbook
by Dan Poynter, Mike Turoff, Price: $17.95
Paperback - 408 pages 8th edition (October 1999) , Para Publishing

Skydiving, A Multimedia Reference
by Dan Poynter, Mike Turoff, Will Morris, Joe Jennings (Photographer), Mike McGowan (Photographer), Norm Kent (Photographer), Price: $29.95
CD-ROM 1 Edition (October 1, 1997), Para Publishing

Flying The Camera
The complete guide to freefall photography & skydiving video
by Patrick Weldon, Price: $34.95
Paperback - 250 pages (August 1, 1999), Classic Publishing Company

My Life As a Screaming Skydiver
(Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle, No 14)
by Bill Myers, Price: $5.39
Paperback - 128 pages (May 1998), Thomas Nelson

Team Skydiving (Sports Alive Series)
by Linda George, Charles George , Price: $19.00
School & Library Binding (December 1998), Franklin Watts, Inc

Parachute Rigger Study Guide
Questions, Answers, Explanations, and References
by Dan Poynter, Deborah Blackmon, Price: $19.95
Paperback 2nd Edition (March 1994), Para Publishing

Parachute Rigging Course
A Course of Study for the FAA Senior Rigging Certificate
by Dan Poynter, Mark Schlatter, Price: $17.95
Paperback 3rd Edition (March 1994), Para Publishing

Parachute Rigger Question Book
Price information not available
Paperback (September 1993), Government Printing Office

RW8 Manual
Tips and Tricks for 8-Way Sequential Freefall Skydiving
by Pal Bergan, Price: $7.95 + $1.35 special surcharge
Paperback (June 1990), Aerographics

The Sky People : A History of Parachuting
by Peter Hearn, Price: $28.95
Paperback - 168 pages (July 1997), Voyageur Press

Sky Diving--- To the Extreme--- 'Chute Roll
by Sigmund Brouwer, Price: $3.59
Mass Market Paperback - 80 pages (February 1997), Word Books

Sky Surfing (Extreme Sports)
by Pat Ryan, Price: $21.26
School & Library Binding - 48 pages (January 1998), Capstone Press

Skydiving in 8 Days
by Miles Clark, Price: $14.95
Paperback - 136 pages (April 1995), Aerographics

Paracaidismo/Parachuting : The Skydivers' Handbook
by Dan Poynter, Price: $17.00
Paperback (June 1985), Paraninfo

The Parachute Manual
A Technical Treatise on Aerodynamic Decelerators (Vol 1)
by Dan Poynter, Price: $49.95
Paperback Third edition (May 1984), Para Publishing

Demo Details : Parachute Demonstration Performances
by Byron T. Dormire, Price: $22.95
Paperback (March 1995), Dormire Pub Co

Skydiving (Action Sports)
by Christopher Meeks, Price: $21.26
School & Library Binding - 48 pages (September 1994), Capstone Press

The Parachute Pages
Skydiving Magazine's International Directory of the Parachute Industry
by Kathryn Omelchuck, Price: $19.95
Paperback (May 1991), Aerographics

Skydive! (World of Adventure)
by Gary Paulsen, Price: $3.19
Paperback (June 1996), Yearling Books

Skydiving! Take the Leap
(The Extreme Sports Collection)
by Jeremy Roberts, Price: $19.95
Library Binding (November 1999)

Price: $19.00
School & Library Binding (September 1991), Capstone Press

Skydiving (Action Sports Ser.)
Price: $17.27
School & Library Binding (September 1989), Capstone Press

Price: $19.95
Paperback 6th Edition (September 1992), Para Publishing

Parachuting : The Art of Freefall Relative Work
by Pat Works, Price: $12.95
Paperback (June 1988), Aerographics

Parachuting I-E Course
by Dan Poynter, Price: $13.45
Paperback (December 1994), Para Publishing

Parachuting Manual
With Log for the Static Line Course
by Dan Poynter, Price: $2.65
Paperback Reprint Edition (June 1993), Para Publishing

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